Student Registration/Enrollment is available again for the 2021-2022 School Year.

We are all excited for the upcoming school year and even more so to be back to as close as possible “Normal” for all our student’s learning experience.  Hope to see all your students in their classes.


Please Take Note

If the student that you are enrolling has ever been enrolled at any USD309 school, you DO NOT want to

choose "New Student" option below. You will want to contact a school Administrator and get your USD309 PowerSchool

Parent Portal active again. Then login to your PowerSchool Parent Portal. Complete the student registration process by clicking on the "Forms"

to get your child

enrolled at any of the USD309 four schools. This will be a much easier process and will help in keeping all of your child's

student records in tact and in place.

If you have attended a USD309 school at any time and incorrectly run through the "New Student"

registration, please be advised that your submission will be rejected. Once you receive the email confirming that your submission has

been rejected go to the USD309 PowerSchool Parent Portal login to submit the proper student registration.

If you require help in logging into your PowerSchool Parent Portal to register a student, please call the school you are

registering your student at for assistance.

Online Student Enrollment

Parents/Guardians of new and returning students can register online.  If your child is a returning student, you will need your Powerschool logon information.  Call the your students enrolling school for assistance with your username and password.  Parents/guardians of children new to the district can register online for a new logon.  See the tab “Parents & Students/Forms & Handbooks” for additional registration information.

To get started in the right direction, please choose carefully from the following :

309 New Student Enroll Button

309 Returning Student Enroll Button

Central State Academy Virtual School K-12

ENROLLING NOW for 2021-22 School Year!

To request enrollment in Central State Academy Virtual School and follow-up contact, please complete the Pre-Enrollment Sign Up form by clicking on the Panther below.  If you have further questions or need additional information, please contact Tracey File at:

tfile@usd309ks.org or call (620) 500-5945.