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Digital News Letter

The USD309 School Board has agreed and approved the cancellation of the monthly newsletter. This has been decided because of publishing costs and budgetary issues pertaining to the newsletter. This is to not say that it won't be back in some form. Maybe it won't be a monthly newsletter but a quarterly time framed publication. This not a bad thing with everyones use of technology, right in your pocket. With your phone and USD309's Mobile App possibilities, you will not be left out. USD309 has had and will continue to have a strong online social media presence via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, The District Website, 309 Mobile App and all the notification utilities we have available.

Please check back from time to time for updates. Definitely get completely connected via our online social media options. Social Media will be the first place that we will post any information pertaining to the status of The USD309 Newsletter. Being connected you will be sure not to miss any information about the current events and activities taking place at Nickerson-South Hutchinson USD309.